I see my artwork as a personal exercise of exploring the freedom of movement, the beauty of physics, and unity between computer-generated precision with human-intuitive motions. I’m guided by a strong desire to push the boundaries of conventional painting techniques in a world where Ai is rapidly gaining ability to potentially trivialize the effort of handmade works. So I’m really trying to explore and revitalize the human spirit by capturing that essence of what makes humans so drawn to organic work.

I want people to feel the energy behind my paintings and be inspired by each work’s energy and motion. I want people’s immediate senses to be captivated by the unique forms and imagination to run free with how those forms resonate with them. I think the real magic in my artwork relies on capturing a single moment of focused effort. After several attempts on practice canvases, I build up my muscle memory to ultimately convey my motion to a prepared canvas. My brain shuts off and my body becomes one with my utensil. Since every muscle movement critically affects the overall composition, I will only attempt the movement when I’m prepared and in a flow state. I’m most proud of my work when I’m pursuing something new, when I’m pushing the boundaries of my technique. I call this velocity painting."